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Week One Masterclass: Objects Reloaded

  • North West Regional College 78-80 Strand Rd Londonderry, BT48 7AL United Kingdom (map)

Bettina Speckner

10.00am – 4.00pm each day (lunch provided as part of masterclass)

In the workshop "Objects Reloaded" we will make jewellery pieces with the starting point in an individual found object. Throughout history jewellery has been made from found objects, the very starting point of jewellery, the oldest found piece, was made from shells found in nature.

Through the transformation of a found object into a piece of jewellery the objects gets a new meaning; Example:a piece of glass found on the beach in the last holidays can represent lots of different things to you personal: the wonderful time, the sun and the sea, the beauty a left over can have... A non precious material shifts into a precious object.

This re-loading of objects is an essential part of human culture, it works on a personal level as a talisman, or on a general level also mirroring our culture.

Through technical treatment, through confronting the object with other materials and through finding a individual formal solution this becomes also visible to others. Pulling it out of the personal context into something precious to everybodie’s eyes.

In the workshop we will investigate our own projections/ loading of meaning toward objects as well as the phenomenon through out art history up to todays contemporary approaches. 

The workshop:

The participants will make their very own individual pieces, out from the meaning and aesthetic of the found objects they bring to the workshop. Every found object will demand its own technical solution and through out the workshop the participants will gain and share insights into many different principals of settings.

The workshop is build on individual work of the participants in combination with group discussions on the subject and techniques. Every morning Bettina Speckner will give a short introduction to complement another aspect of Objects Reloaded in our culture.

Day one – Introduction: the found object: personal treasure and cultural meaning
We will start the workshop by discussing the different objects, analyzing their personal meanings, their aesthetic expressions as well as their cultural meanings. Out from this the participants will develop their individual designs and supported by Bettina Speckner develop appropriate technical solutions for their pieces. 

Day two – Introduction: Meaning of the non-visible
Individual work, group discussion

Day three – Introduction: Talisman and Lucky-charms
Individual work, group discussion

Day four – Introduction: The impact of material
Individual work, group discussion