Ingrid Murphy

In this series of Staffordshire flatbacks, Ingrid uses QR codes to link the modified historical object to customized online content, creating an interesting dialogue between real objects and the virtual world. 

The work attempts to provide the viewer with a different experience of the familiar, reclaiming objects enables her to plunder ceramic history to make new and interesting  contemporary narratives, that also speak of traditional craft values.



Ingrid Murphy was born and educated in Cork, Ireland and has lived and worked in the UK since 1990.

Ingrid is a practicing ceramic artist and educator whose work is exhibited and published internationally.   Having worked in Art & Design education for over 20 years, Ingrid was Head of Ceramics at Cardiff Metropolitan University from 2007-2013. Influenced by her own research in 2011 Ingrid developed a curriculum for trans-discipline making, which specifically explores the combination of traditional skills and new technology and she now leads the new Artist, Designer: Maker subject area within the university. In 2013 Ingrid was awarded the University’s student – led Teaching Fellowship for Innovation.