Melissa Cameron

The designs for these objects are conceived holistically, and meticulously, to make sure that there is no waste in the transformation of each recycled object, and that every part serves the greater narrative. Through the tension between the connections that join the multiple parts into a cohesive whole, individual sections are elevated, and the pieces of the puzzle are reconstituted into a spatially complex structure. The flexible ties that interleave the once-connected parts perform a delicate balancing act, and provide a reminder of the inextricable interdependence of all matter.



In my works I use repurposed materials - the objects we create for use in daily life – through which I work to express the universal interconnectedness of all humanity.

I intertwine domestic, personal, everyday objects, each with its own back-story, with a complimentary narrative pattern. The pattern is literally cut into the body of the object, to facilitate both it and the narrative’s conversion into wearable and non- wearable artworks.