Soojin Kang

Today's mass-production and the disposable fashion are deeply problematic. Current fast changing trends and low prices that promote consumers to buy more than they need pushes people into easily throwing away their objects instead of valuing what they already have. I am fighting against this epidemic with needles and threads. We need to consider our basic needs, skills and possessions; and to use these wisely and beautifully. Craft traditions convey a considered thought process and have always recognized the value in reusing and repurposing.



Born in Seoul, South Korea, Soojin Kang graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London with a Masters in Textile Futures in 2009. Soojin’s work is focused equally on aesthetics and concept. Having various fashion backgrounds in pattern cutting, prints and hand crafting, Kang seeks a perfect balance between emotional connections and commercial result by creating new furniture collection and objects. Soojin works on creating new identities and strives to tell stories through her designs.

Week Three Masterclass: Thread and Fabric →
19–22 August 2014. North West Regional College, Derry~Londonderry. Booking essential

Week Three Artist Lecture: Soojin Kang →
Wednesday 20th August 2014 @ 6pm, Thatched Cottage, Craft Village, Derry~Londonderry