Vladimir Perić & Milica Stojanov

Disassembled machine, old-fashioned toy, forgotten photograph, bizarre device, neglected book – different discarded objects that we find at flea market, constitute an object-world of chaos and diversity which we modulate into collection and artistic context. Every week, returning from our visits to the flea market, we discover enjoyment in recognizing traces of accumulated human knowledge in objects, constantly crossing through time and contexts, to meet us and provide us with material for creation and reflection.



Vladimir Perić (1962), a multimedia artist, studied graphics and photography at the University of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade. His work of pluralistic expression, which belongs to the field of conceptual art, can be divided into three phases - a creative period when he exhibited under the pseudonym Talent (1986-1996), then as the founder and member of the artistic group Talent Factory (1996-2006), after which he exhibited under his own name and within a new ten-year project Museum of Childhood (2006-2016). So far, he has exhibited at 57 solo exhibitions and at more than two hundred group exhibitions.